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Mar 18, 2019

Celebration is jam-packed with amazing guests. What's the First Order's actual plan? What will we get for Episode IX at Celebration? All this and many other noises on today's episode!

Mar 4, 2019

So much Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge news was released in the past couple of weeks and we can barely contain our excitement.

Feb 18, 2019

Tune in for discussions about upcoming films from the Game of Thrones duo, rumors for The Mandalorian, Anthony Daniel's stroking out on twitter, and more. The more is mainly that we REALLY JUST WAST STAR WARS CHEERS.

Feb 4, 2019

If R5-D4 is in The Mandalorian what might that mean? Does EA know how to make video games? After we tackle these questions we get into pretty heavy Episode IX plot rumors that have us both excited.

Jan 21, 2019

It's 2019 and we're still here! 

There's more Galaxy's Edge rumors, upcoming novels, our hopes and dreams for Episode IX, and other things I forget at this moment. All that and possibly something else in our first episode of the year!